West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach offers year-round flying weather, and plenty to do when you’re not flying.


With year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, West Palm Beach won't often have you grounded for weather.


From cruising along South Beach to crossing the over the Everglades, Florida is both fun to explore and great experience.


You can't fly 24 hours a day. West Palm Beach offers plenty to do in your down time.

West Palm Beach, Florida

One of the Sunshine State’s most dynamic cities.

Located on the East coast of Florida, West Palm Beach offers the student pilot year round flying. The tropical climate generally creates good weather—with a yearly average of 234 sunny days—but experience can also be gained from the rapidly changing conditions encountered during the rainy season.

The gorgeous beaches to the east are in sharp contrast to the Everglades, woodlands, and farm country to the west; a part of Florida most non-locals don’t even know about until they see it from the air.

“Florida was a great place to train. The weather is always good so you can fly nearly everyday. There’s plenty to do on your days off and the beaches are amazing.”


Study Time & Time Off

It’s important to balance work and play.

The type of helicopter flight training you are doing with us will determine how much studying you will be doing. If you are going all the way from PPL to CFII you will be doing much more studying than if you are just here to build helicopter time or take part in the helicopter long line course.

The helicopter flight school operates a seven-day week. If after a long week, however, you would like to rest or relax for a day, we’ll happily show you the best beaches and evening spots.


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