Helicopter Tours

Scenic helicopter tours of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Island, Juno Beach, and Jupiter, Florida.

Ocean Tour

from $115/person

Singer Island to the Jupiter Inlet & Lighthouse

30 Minutes

VIP Tour

from $235/person

Downtown West Palm & Palm Beach Island

1 Hour

Sunset Tour

from $275/person

Beautiful scenery at the perfect time of day

1 Hour

Our Helicopter Tours

Departing out of beautiful West Palm Beach, our helicopter tours give you an immersive, panoramic view of one of Florida’s most vibrant cities.

Thanks to South Florida’s warm weather, we frequently fly with the helicopter’s doors removed. This gives you an exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime experience with completely unobstructed views.

From circling over Downtown West Palm Beach and Mar-a-Lago, to seeing turtles, manatees, and thousands of sharks in the ocean, you’ll create memories and take amazing photos that will last a lifetime.


“Another fantastic flight today! This was our second time flying with you and both experiences have been outstanding for us. We’ll definitely be back again.”


“It was an awesome experience we will never forget. The pilot gave us a fun and exciting ride that allowed us to see our home from an amazing point of view! Thanks for the great adventure!”


“My fiancée and I had the best time on the helicopter tour! We will do it again for sure!”


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people may go on a helicopter tour?

Our helicopters can take a maximum of three passengers, and we have a minimum booking requirement of 2. We can accommodate back-to-back tours if your party is larger than 3 and needs to be split.

How long is each helicopter tour?

The Ocean Tour is approximately 30 minutes, the VIP Tour is approximately 1 hour, and the Grand Tour is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Slight differences in times can occur from variations in airport traffic, air traffic control sequencing, and weather conditions.

Can I bring a camera?

Absolutely! In fact, we strongly encourage it. This is a great opportunity to get some stunning photos of a beautiful area.

What should I wear?

Just dress comfortably, and if you have long hair, tie it up. We typically fly with at least one door off to keep the cockpit cool in the summer months. We can also remove your door if you want the full experience!

Will I get motion sickness?

It’s actually quite rare that people get motion sickness on our tours. If you suffer with it though, you can take precautionary anti-nausea medication, and make sure you’re not constantly looking through a camera lens, as this can lead to disorientation and motion sickness.

What is the maximum passenger weight?

Your combined party weight must be less than 550 lbs, with no individual weighing more than 300 lbs.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

We don’t have a specific age requirement, but each person on board must be able to sit in their own seat with a seatbelt. We cannot accept lap-riding infants or children.

Should I tip my pilot?

Tips are not expected, but if you had a great time and thought your pilot did an awesome job, you’re more than welcome to tip them! They are always very appreciative.


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