Helicopter Flight Training

Whether you’re looking to start a career as a helicopter pilot or just want to fly for fun, we teach the FAA helicopter courses to get you there.

Introductory Lessons

If you’ve been thinking about learning to fly helicopters, taking an introductory lesson is the best place to start. Our 45 minute helicopter lessons let you take the controls with an experienced flight instructor so you can decide if becoming a helicopter pilot is right for you.

Not only do you get to visit our facility and meet us in person, you’ll be presented with your own logbook with your intro flight logged inside. If you decide to continue your flight training, it counts towards the minimum hours required by the FAA for the ratings listed below.

  • Helicopter preflight by student

FAA Ratings

Private pilot helicopter

This is where it all begins. The FAA rating that allows you to fly yourself and others for recreation and personal (non-commercial) purposes.

Helicopter instrument panel

The Instrument Rating allows you to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), and greatly increases both your safety and hireability.

Commercial helicopter pilot

A Commercial Pilot may be compensated for flying. The training focuses on a better understanding of systems and a higher standard of airmanship.

Helicopter instructor teaching student

The industry-standard ‘first job’ is usually as a flight instructor. This rating authorizes the holder to provide helicopter flight training to students.

CFII Helicopter

This rating allows you to give instruction to a pilot working on their instrument rating, increasing the students you can work with.

Cabri G2 helicopter at night

Tested to the highest level of piloting ability, the ATP certificate allows you to act as a flight crew-member in scheduled airline operations.

Other Training

Helicopter lifting long line

Real-world external load training with professional long line equipment. If you’re looking to open doors to more jobs, this is a great resume-booster.

Advanced autorotation course

Improve your safety and general aircraft control by learning advanced autorotation techniques. Practice zero-speed, maximum glide, and touchdown autorotations.

Drone training in Florida

Basic, Advanced, and Part 107 small unmanned aircraft (drone) training courses comprised of classroom sessions and hands-on flight training.

Other Services

Helicopter Flight Review SFAR 73

Keep your currency by doing a flight review with us. We tailor flight reviews around your certificate level and how you use it.

Helicopter instrument panel


Found yourself out of instrument currency? Our instrument instructors will get you back up to speed and IFR current again.

Cabri G2 in Florida

Whether you need to build flight time for your next helicopter license or a potential job, South Florida is the ideal place to gain hours quickly.

Have questions?

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