Aerial Surveys

Low-cost helicopter surveys and drone inspections from West Palm Beach, Florida.


We use and maintain only the most reliable aircraft to ensure your mission is flown safely, successfully, and efficiently.


All our helicopters are equipped with highly accurate GPS units; we'll get you exactly where you need to be, every time.


If helicopters don't fit your location, subject, or budget, we'll put our unmanned aircraft to use, quietly collecting your data.

Wildlife Surveys

A reliable, efficient aerial platform.

Ocean Helicopters has extensive experience conducting wildlife aerial surveys for a variety of City and State agencies.

For Florida Fish & Wildlife, we’ve flown contracts surveying Red Cockaded Woodpeckers and Wading Birds, and for almost a decade, we’ve flown quarterly and weekly surveys for Broward County’s Manatee Protection Plan.

Helicopters offer a great platform for aerial surveys due to the unobstructed visibility they offer and their ability to operate at low altitudes.

Land Development

Get an elevated look at a parcel of land.

As a result of the low altitudes and slow speeds helicopters can operate at, they are an ideal way to see a parcel of land, an area under development, or an active building site.

We’ve flown contracts for multiple construction sites, carrying photographers documenting the work as it progresses to completion.

“Our surveys require low level, precision flying that constantly tests our pilots’ maneuvering skills over canals and waterways. Every Ocean Helicopters pilot has handled these situations with competence and professionalism.”


Drone Surveys & Inspections

Unmanned aircraft, for hazardous or noise-sensitive applications.

While helicopters are unbeatable in their ability to survey multiple sites in a short space of time, there are some applications where they aren’t a perfect fit. Using helicopters to survey sensitive wildlife at low levels, for example, can sometimes be disruptively loud and cause a change in animal behavior. Close-range inspection of cell phone towers or other structures are often too dangerous for helicopters, and a drone inspection would be a better fit.

Due to their less obtrusive nature and obvious safety benefits, our professional-grade unmanned octocopters are an invaluable alternative in these situations.

  • Barely audible at 400′ altitude.
  • Able to operate in very confined areas.
  • 8 motors for complete redundancy over sensitive areas.
  • Fully autonomous flight paths allow you to precisely plan the route before launch.
  • Real-time ground monitor showing what the drone sees, with the ability for you to personally control the camera.

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