Aerial Photography & Video

High-resolution aerial photography and stabilized, cinematic-looking aerial video.


Aerial Photography

High-resolution and panoramic aerial photography from unbeatable angles.

Armed with professional-grade cameras, reliable aircraft, and thousands of hours of experience in aerial photography work, we’re ready to bring you stunning images from unbeatable angles.

We’re heavily experienced in the following aerial photography applications:

  • Offshore shoots of luxury yachts and performance powerboats.
  • Golf courses.
  • Real estate.
  • Land development and construction.
  • Sporting events.

If you’re a photographer looking for an aerial photography platform for your own work, one of our highly experienced commercial helicopter pilots will get you where you need to be, safely and efficiently.

Aerial Video

When you need aerial shots that tell a story, work with a company that’s told a lot.

Over the past two decades, we’ve provided aerial video services and coverage for:

  • Major TV network shows and documentaries.
  • News networks.
  • Offshore Powerboat Races.
  • Small/independent media company productions.

For every project, we strive to fully understand your artistic vision, and carefully plan our flights to both safely and efficiently deliver the shots you need to tell your story.

“I do aerial video projects across the country, flying with a number of different operators, but none as accomplished as the Ocean team. It is not just their flying skills, but their understanding of our needs and adaptability to help us get the best images possible. Ocean Helicopters is truly a valuable and trusted partner to GDI!”


Stabilized Camera Mount

Stability that increases your project’s production value.

Getting the right angles is one thing, but getting footage that is isolated from vibration and stabilized from unwanted movement is quite another.

Hand-holding a video camera in a helicopter often results in shaky footage, as the aircraft vibration is transmitted to the camera through your hands, and any unwanted movement is hard to counteract. Our Aerial Exposures 3-axis gyro stabilized camera mount solves these problems.

  • Isolates camera from helicopter vibration by a bungee suspension system.
  • 4 Kenyon gyros negate aircraft movement.
  • Accommodates cameras up to 30 lbs in weight.
  • Use it for just $400/day.

Drone Aerial Photography & Video

Ideal for low-level, close-range projects.

We operate large-scale, professional-grade unmanned aircraft (drones) for applications where helicopters wouldn’t be a good fit.

Our custom unmanned aircraft carry quality cameras on a vibration-free brushless gimbal, actively neutralizing all aircraft movement for incredibly stable video.

Unlike many drone operators who use 4-motor aircraft, we use 8-motor drones for full redundancy in the event of a motor or prop failure.

We also carry full liability insurance, and all our operators are fully-licensed helicopter and Part 107 UAS pilots, so you can rest assured your project is in safe hands.

Not sure whether helicopters or drones are the better fit for your project? Have a look at out Helicopters vs. Drones comparison below.


Efficient, reliable helicopters with highly experienced aerial photography pilots.


Professional-grade drones for professional-quality low-altitude results.


High-quality still and video cameras, regardless of the aircraft we use.

Helicopters vs. Drones

They each have their strengths, with some overlap.

While many companies tend to only use one or the other, and work hard to show why their choice is “better”, we believe each aircraft type has its strengths and weaknesses.

We believe being able to offer the choice of helicopters or unmanned aircraft results in a better end product to our clients. We don’t try to shoe-horn one into a job the other would clearly be better suited to.

Below, we’ve outlined some of their differences – both operationally and legally – so together we can make an informed decision about which would be best for your project.


While unmanned aircraft can operate within controlled airspace, it requires submitting a waiver request to the FAA 90 days in advance of the operation. Helicopters require no prior approval to enter controlled airspace, as approval is gained via radio during the flight.

As there are a lot of airports, and subsequently a lot of controlled airspace in South Florida, helicopters are typically the better option if the project is located within controlled airspace and can’t wait 90 days.


Unmanned aircraft are required to be operated within visual-line-of-sight (VLOS), so if your project requires a shot covering a long distance, helicopters are typically the only option.

If your project requires shooting at multiple locations, it is often faster and more efficient to use a helicopter than continuously relocating the unmanned aircraft setup. This results in a lower end cost and a faster project completion.


Helicopters are legally allowed to operate much lower than fixed wing aircraft, but for very low altitude work, drones are often the safer and more flexible choice.

Drones are perfect for those “impossible dolly” shots, such as head-height shots moving over water or rough terrain. They are also great for seamless shots with a large altitude change, such as a shot starting from head-height and increasing up to several hundred feet.


While drones may only be operated at 400 feet and below, helicopters can operate at any altitude.

If your shot requires a high-level overview of a property or parcel of land, a helicopter is more likely to deliver.


Unmanned aircraft are limited to 100mph by the FAA, but there aren’t many unmanned aircraft carrying high-quality cameras that can get close to this speed.

If your project requires high-speed shots, for example following powerboats or cars, helicopters are the obvious choice.


If your project requires an airborne camera that is unobtrusive, for projects involving special events or wildlife, drones are a better fit.

Helicopters are relatively noisy from the ground, whereas an unmanned aircraft hovering at several hundred feet is almost inaudible, and certainly not distracting.

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