Come fly with us.

Flexible flight training, advanced aerial photography, and scenic helicopter tours in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Helicopter flight training

Helicopter training courses from Private Pilot to advanced courses such as Flight Instructor, External Load, and ATP.

Helicopter tour of West Palm Beach, FL

Helicopter rides from beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida. Scenic flights take you along the stunning South Florida coastline.

Aerial photography in Florida

Rich, engaging, ultra high definition aerial photography and expansive panoramas from unbeatable angles.

R44 helicopter chasing offshore powerboats

Perfectly stabilized, cinematic-looking high definition video, complete with in-house editing.

Manatee survey from helicopter

Low-level aerial surveys for real estate, land development, wildlife, and environmental purposes.

Drone training in Florida

Basic, Advanced, and Part 107 unmanned aircraft (drone) training courses utilizing professional equipment.

Our Company

Established in 2001 with a fleet of just one, Ocean Helicopters has since grown to a leading flight training provider operating a range of modern aircraft.

With cinematic, high-quality cameras and advanced camera stabilization systems, we provide in-house aerial photography and video from incredible angles.

In addition to flight training and aerial photography, Ocean Helicopters also provides an efficient, reliable platform for everything from aerial surveys and agricultural protection to adding a wow-factor to your next corporate event.

Instead of fearing the rise of unmanned aircraft, we saw the extreme potential they offered when used in combination with helicopters. In 2016, we added drone aerial photography and video, mapping, aerial surveys and inspections, and drone training to the services we offer.

From our Clients

“Ocean Helicopters treats their students like family. They are upfront, trustworthy, honest and safety is ALWAYS their number one priority. Thank you Ocean Helicopters for helping me make my dream a reality!”


“The instructors were very experienced and I felt the company was well organised and driven by the success of their students. Ocean Helicopters were instrumental in fulfilling my lifetime ambition of flying helicopters for a living.”


“We have used Ocean Helicopters for several years to deploy wave and surge gauges before hurricane landfalls. These were short notice, high urgency flights and the Ocean Helicopters pilots and staff always made sure that we got in and out quickly and safely.”


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