Comments from some of our happy customers

“I started my PPL on August 15, 2008 and had never been in a helicopter before. I finished my PPL, IR and CPL on December 17th, only four months and two days later. Ocean Helicopters completely tailored my education around my needs. I brought my wife and newborn daughter with me and everyone was so helpful and welcoming. Ocean Helicopters is a very professional school and the ‘one on one’ teaching is what makes the difference, you don’t get lost in the crowd. They take personal interest in you.

Those four months in Florida with Ocean Helicopters was one of the most memorable times in my life. I gained a good education, friends from all over the world, good times and the best weather.”

– Óskar Björnsson, Iceland

“I completed my PPL with Ocean Helicopters in August 2005. I really enjoyed how easy going everyone was and how flexible they were when it came to arranging ‘stints’ of training. I did my training over two visits, where I trained for 10 days, returned to the UK, then came back for 5 weeks to complete my training. They were very accommodating with this approach and they understood how its not always possible to either get the time and/or money together all in one go. The atmosphere in the office is great with new people always coming in, and more experienced people always around to offer advice and on those tough days, remind you that they were exactly the same when they learned.

I have been back to Ocean Helicopters many times since 2005 hour building and I can’t wait to go back and complete my CPL and CFI and catch up with my old friend Skip the dog.”

– Jon Dickson, Bristol, UK

“Six years after my age related retirement as an airline captain and before I would be really too old, I wanted to finally fulfill my longstanding dream of flying solo in a helicopter. My wife and I started searching for a helicopter flight school in Florida, because helicopter flying lessons combined with a winter holiday in sunny Florida looked attractive and that combination would still be less expensive than just helicopter flying at home in The Netherlands. The clear and easy to navigate website of Ocean Helicopters made me feel welcome already and most of my questions were answered there. But the fast and friendly responses to my emails by Gill Harmon really made my decision to come to West Palm Beach an easy one.

During my two one-week-visits in the Spring of 2010 I was not disappointed, on the contrary, all the staff made me feel very welcome and I hugely enjoyed the friendly and relaxed atmosphere, both in the office and during the instruction flights. And yes, I did fulfill my dream and flew the R22 solo for over three hours and enjoyed the whole experience immensely. I have many very good and vivid memories of my helicopter flying at Ocean Helicopters, in fact so good that I’m indeed considering to come back for some more (if I can find the time for that)….”

– Daniel Paré, The Netherlands

“Ocean Helicopters treats their students like family. They are upfront, trustworthy, honest and safety is ALWAYS their number one priority. THANK YOU Ocean Helicopters for helping me make my dream a reality!”

– Mike Cochran, Polk County Sheriff Aviation Department, Florida

“We’ve used Ocean Helicopters for dozens of flights with great success. Our surveys require low level, precision flying that constantly tests our pilots’ maneuvering skills over canals and waterways, often in windy conditions on flights that can last well over 2 hours. We are always impressed with the pilots’ ability to deliver a smooth and comfortable experience. Additionally, some areas require almost constant coordination with air traffic control and every Ocean Helicopter pilot has handled these situations with competence and professionalism. The combination of pilot experience, equipment reliability, competitive cost, and a friendly business atmosphere will keep us flying with Ocean Helicopters.”

– GK of Kelahan Photography

“I started training in January 2009. As I arrived in West Palm Beach, Gill was there waiting to take me to the student house. The next day I was straight into my training, it was great to be flying so soon. Andy was my instructor, he was laid back and easy to get on with. I always felt safe when flying and was well briefed before every flight. The ground school was well planned and thorough. Before I knew it I had passed my private licence.

My instructor for my instrument training was Ken. He made the transition from flying VFR to IFR very easy. Again his lessons were well thought out and when flying under the hood, Ken was always looking out for traffic, correcting my mistakes and made sure I passed with flying colours! Ken took me right through my commercial, CFI and CFII. Not only a great flying instructor but also a good friend.

Florida was a great place to train. The weather is always good so you can fly nearly everyday, theres plenty to do on your days off and the beaches are amazing. I was told I was one of the quickest pilots to have completed my training up to CFII, and I could not have done this without the constant help, reassurance, guidance and support of all the team at Ocean Helicopters. I definitely felt like one of the family. I couldn’t have chosen a better training school!”

– Andy Tyrrell, Isle of Wight, UK

“We have used Ocean Helicopters for several years to deploy wave and surge gauges before hurricane landfalls. These were short notice, high urgency flights and the Ocean Helicopters pilots and staff always made sure that we got in and out quickly and safely.”

– Andrew, University of Florida

“I went to Ocean Helicopters last July to complete my FAA commercial license. I found the staff very helpful indeed and they catered for my needs in a very personal and friendly manner. The instructors were very experienced and I felt the company was well organised and driven by the success of their students. It won’t be long before I return to complete my instrument rating. Ocean Helicopters were instrumental in fulfilling my lifetime ambition of flying helicopters for a living. Cheers folks.”

– Kevin Maccuish, Scotland