West Palm Beach, Florida

Singer Island, with Peanut Island in the background, taken from helicopter

Singer Island

Located on the East coast of Florida, West Palm Beach offers the student pilot year round flying. The tropical climate generally creates good weather, but experience can also be gained from the rapidly changing conditions encountered during the rainy season.

West Palm Beach is not only a great place to fly but is also a safe environment to live in. It offers many different things to do whilst you are here, to give you a break from the flying.

There are many different kinds of restaurants and bars to suit everyone’s taste and pocket, fantastic beaches, and a general holiday atmosphere.

“Florida was a great place to train. The weather is always good so you can fly nearly everyday, there’s plenty to do on your days off and the beaches are amazing.”

– Andy Tyrrell, UK

Study Time/Time Off

Cityplace in West Palm Beach

Cityplace in West Palm Beach

The type of course or training you are doing with Ocean Helicopters will determine how much studying you will be doing – if you are going all the way from PPL to CFII you will obviously be doing much more studying than if you are just here to build helicopter hours or do the long line course.

The helicopter flight school operates a seven-day week. If after a long week, however, you would like to rest or relax for a day, we can show you the nice beaches and the best evening spots. Not only will you relax and unwind; you can swap stories about your week flying!

Our aim is to make your trip as cost effective and enjoyable as possible.

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