Helicopter Long Line Training

Ocean Helicopters, in association with VR Heli Academy, is proud to introduce several new courses designed to teach pilots the art of vertical reference and long line/external load flying.

This real-world training includes practicing with 50, 100, and 150ft Dyneema® long lines, using a cargo net, lifting a bucket holding 300lbs of concrete, and flying precision maneuvers such as setting utility poles and simulating placing air conditioning units.

The courses include a Trial Lesson, the Weekend Course, and the Pro Course. Visit the VR Heli Academy site for more information on the external load and longline courses. After successful completion of the Pro Course you will be issued a Part 133 external load endorsement.


Real World Training

Realistic long line training scenariosThe long line courses we offer get you hands-on experience with the equipment you’ll actually be using when you start work as a long line pilot. The Barry Cordage lines we use are made of a composite polyethylene fiber called Dyneema® which have a strength-to-weight ratio 15 times higher than steel.

We also utilize Barry barrel clamps and a Barry cargo net to give you a feel for how a variety of different loads react in flight. Practicing with this real world equipment and trying your hand at lots of realistic scenarios will prove invaluable when you start working as a long line helicopter pilot.