Aerial Photography

Ocean Helicopters has years of experience in the aerial photography and video industry and has worked with companies such as Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, ESPN, and Garmin, as well as smaller companies and individual photographers. We offer an aerial platform for professional photographers, or can shoot and provide still photography and video directly to the end user.

Through our sister company, Ocean UAS, we also offer drone video and photography in West Palm Beach, FL for the real estate, commercial, and construction industry, to get the lower, confined area shots helicopters can’t get.

Aerial Video

Gyro stabilized camera mount in R44

Gyro stabilized camera mount in R44

For aerial videos, we often utilize our Aerial Exposures gyro stabilized camera mount. It’s 4 gyros provide an incredibly smooth, stable platform to shoot from, minimizing vibration and unwanted movement.

The mount will handle both still and video cameras up to 30lbs in weight.

For an example of what the camera mount can provide, take a look at an aerial video shoot we flew for Granite Digital Imaging through Downtown Miami and around the Miami Marlins ballpark.

“We have been flying with Ocean Helicopters for about 10 years now doing aerial video and photography and can’t say enough about the outstanding level of service and proficiency delivered by their entire staff! Most of our projects are pretty complex and require a very experienced pilot to both “get the shot” we are looking for AND to safely return home as well. I do aerial video projects across the country, flying with a number of different operators, but none as accomplished as the Ocean team. It is not just their flying skills, but their understanding of our needs and adaptability to help us get the best images possible. Ocean Helicopters is truly a valuable and trusted partner to GDI!”

Carelton Holt, Granite Digital Imaging

Still Photography

R44 chasing a boat for low level aerial photographyHelicopters can provide a very different angle for many applications such as real estate photography, commercials, aerial surveys and documenting the progress of construction sites.

Helicopters can fly much lower and slower than fixed wing aircraft, so the level of detail and the angles they can capture are unrivaled.

We can shoot and deliver high quality 24 megapixel still photos, or can offer the helicopter as an aerial platform for photographers looking to shoot for their own clients.

Please contact us for more information and pricing for aerial photography flights and our camera mount.