Financial Aid for Helicopter Flight Training

Ocean Helicopters does not offer direct financial aid, but there are a few organizations who may be able to help you raise funding for your helicopter flight training in Florida.

Alternatively it is always a good idea to contact your own bank, to see if they can help you.

Javelin Air Services Flight Funds

  • Javelin Flight FundsFor those selected into the Javelin programs, Javelin Air Services will fund at least 25% and up to 50% of your flight training costs for the full set of commercial rating.
  • Our matching funds are provided in the form of a tuition assistance program.
  • Only if you leave the Javelin programs will Javelin’s portion of Tuition Assistance paid to your flight school be subject to repayment.
  • Javelin matches the student’s funds with our Tuition Assistant investment in your training paid on a similarly contracted schedule.
  • All payments are made by Javelin directly to your selected flight school.
  • Your training will be scheduled over an estimated two year flight training program — a one year option also exists.

Visit Javelin Air Services for more information.

AOPA Aviation Finance

AOPA Aviation Finance offers personal loans to be used for flight training expense. For more information, read this article, visit the AOPA website, or call 1 800 882 8648.

Pilot Finance

This loan type can be used to finance part time training (1-5 lessons per week). For more information, visit the Pilot Finance website or call 1 800 667 0201.

Contact either of these organizations directly to find out their terms and interest rates. Ocean Helicopters is not connected in any way with these companies. Any loans you may arrange are strictly between yourself and the company in question.